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Breitling actually needed to work with some special lobbyist-style people in Washington . to convince the US Government to make an exception to their device communication rules in order for the Emergency II to be legally sold. The reason is because the Emergency II is the only wearable device of its kind to be battery-powered and transmit dual frequency emergency broadcast signals (they call it a "PLB," which means "Personal Locator Beacon"). I don't recall all the details since it was a while since I looked at the paperwork, but I believed Breitling in their story that the process to get the Emergency II available for sale in the US was both arduous and expensive.

You see, our fans consider themselves pigs and wear pig masks. They fantasize about Femcans, female cannibals, eating them.

Longpig - Down To The BoneLongpig - Down To The BoneLongpig - Down To The BoneLongpig - Down To The Bone