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Still considering stage work to be fundamental to his career, [16] [22] Hoffman joined the LAByrinth Theater Company of New York City in 1995. [19] This association lasted the remainder of his life; along with appearing in multiple productions, he later became co-artistic director of the theater company with John Ortiz , and directed various plays over the years. [22] Hoffman's only film appearance of 1995 was in the 22-minute short comedy The Fifteen Minute Hamlet , which satirized the film industry in an Elizabethan setting. He played the characters of Bernardo, Horatio, and Laertes alongside Austin Pendleton 's Hamlet. [23]

Essex has said that there is a "massive rift" between Eddie and his estranged son, Michael. He explained: "When [Eddie] arrives, he has no idea that Michael is around! Eddie and Michael haven't really spoken for years, but as a father does, Eddie reaches out and reaches out, trying to mend that." [17] Essex opined that Eddie and Michael may be quite similar, but Eddie would not be as manipulative as "the ages are different—with age comes a certain attitude for Eddie that's a bit more philosophical and not so hot-headed." [17] It was revealed by Inside Soap that the rift between Michael and Eddie is because Michael's mother committed suicide and Michael found her body but he is convinced that Eddie killed her. [19] Essex confirmed that Michael blames Eddie for the death. [20]